Cooking with Panic Room: Barley Scones

The Summer Solstice event has begun in Panic Room. Like many others, this festival has obvious British roots. The denizens of the mansion are reading Shakespeare and the ancient Cymric legends, treating themselves to such traditional English refreshments as the scones we will prepare today. Barely bread or barley scones are usually served for five…
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Have a fun weekend!

Hey there, player! Weekend is here again. Don’t say you missed us, there is no such thing as too much free time for playing! Especially now because the exciting events in our games never end! Let’s fish! Don’t miss the milestone event: • Ross Ice Shelf Tournament Immediately followed by: • The fish strikes back…
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Exciting event in Panic Room!

The most wonderful, sunny and enjoyable season has finally arrived to the puppet master’s house! Why not celebrate this excellent occasion? To mark this occurrence we invite everyone to take part in the magical "Solstice" event! Do you know William Shakespeare? You won’t find him among the Followers or the Underground, but completing event collections…
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GameXP is where the heat is!

Hey there, player! We have two bits of news. Good news first! First of all, we’re enjoying a day off in the middle of the week and we want you to celebrate Russia Day with us! GameXP is having a spectacular sale accompanied by increased rates in all of our titles! On to the even…
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Summer is hot at GameXP!

Hello, player! Tired of bright sun and hot weather? Then turn the conditioning on and join us at our GameXP projects. We have plenty of events to offer! Fishing on the glacier, cool mountain creeks and fresh strawberries are here for you! Let's Fish! The events of the week are the following: - Clear waters…
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Sphere 3: This world needs a hero!

Hello, Sphereling! The world of Sphere is growing bigger every day! Here is the list of changes that have happened to the game recently: - Now players can increase the quality of their equipment. To do that, you will need special essences that can be obtained by disassembling your gear. - Fight in the arena…
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Karos: Astrologers announced the week of high drop!

Hey there, gamers! We've heard your prayers! x3 drop rate is waiting for you in the game. This time it lasts not a day, or a weekend but the entire week! Enter the game for the increased rate marathon, hunt monsters and receive a triple amount of loot! Your chance to loot epic weapon or…
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Rappelz: Town wars leave no one behind!

World of Gaia welcomes you! The weather is fine; the mood is great, and the event is in full swing! Join one of the three teams of adventurers to hunt epic monsters threatening the towns. When the event is over each team will be rewarded with energies of fire, water and wind, and the winners…
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Have you conquered the Citadel yet?

Balance changes, sieges and more! Hey there, player! Have you checked out the “Siege of the Citadel” Rappelz global update yet? Let us remind you how it changed the game. The main feature is balance changes! What if your class is the strongest now? And there’s more: Attack threshold system has been reworked. A new…
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New server comes with new gifts and events!

Hey there, player! Brokion server presents a new power leveling challenge — it’s already underway! Hit level 65 before June, 6 to receive additional rewards! If you need help, make sure to take a look at the special goods in the store sold at a massive discount during the sale. If you had trouble joining…
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