Acquire the ancient relics of the Sphere!

Hey there, Sphere champion! A new event, “Ancient history”, is already in the game. Before it ends you will be able to acquire plenty of useful trinkets that will stay with you forever! Among these rewards are: • Potions with new and unusual effects that may decide a battle • Unique rings with 4 gem…
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Don’t miss the unbelievably low prices!

Hey there, player! Here’s the news — the prices in the Fly For Fun store didn’t just go down, they literally shriveled like your enemies when they see you! You can now get your heart’s desire 2 to 3 times cheaper than before! The diamonds are no exception — each set now contains twice as…
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“Siege of the Citadel” global update

Hey there, player! Tremendous changes have come to the world of Gaia! A new global update, “Siege of the Citadel”, is already in the game! Its main (and long-awaited) feature is balance changes! Make sure to find out who is the strongest opponent now! Also: • Attack speed threshold system has been remade. • A…
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Notre Dame between historical accuracy and game design

The conservation professionals estimate that restoring Notre Dame will take about ten years after it burned on April, 15. But thanks to the effort of level designer Caroline Miousse and her colleagues from Ubisoft gamers from all over the world can visit France’s iconic landmark and witness its magnificence. In October, 2014 Theverge.com published an…
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We’re giving away crazy gifts!

Hey there, hero! There are plenty of interesting events taking place in your favorite games right now. Find out what’s waiting for you and remember to claim your present! Karos An awesome «Spring event» has begun: • Defeat monsters to take away dandelions and tulips! • Exchange them for the best items the game store…
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Sphere 3 is now avaliable in Iran

Great news! We brought «Sphere 3: Enchanted World» to the ariogames.ir gaming platform. This is the first game we launched in the MENA region, so we hope to see many new people enjoy «Sphere 3». We love our game and hope to share our passion with new players, and launching «Sphere 3» in Iran takes…
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GameXP wishes you a bright Space Exploration Day!

Greetings, hero! GameXP wishes you a bright Space Exploration Day! When Yury Gagarin flew around the world 58 years ago he proved that a man can do anything. You too are constantly proving that you can do anything in the virtual worlds. Our games invite you to fight zombies, demons and other monsters, explore imaginary…
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New “Madrenburg” server is already in the game!

Greetings, Madrigal citizens! You asked and we heard you — we’ve launched a new server called Madrenburg! Fight, mingle and fly like you used to when you first played the game! Join the new server to: • Choose a character name that hasn’t been taken yet; • Level your skills up from scratch or choose…
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Karos spring event!

Greetings, citizen of Azmara! Do you miss new events? It’s been a while since you could kick some monster ass and receive great loot and additional bonuses. We love the events as much as you do, so here’s another one to keep you entertained! Visit Gate Bregall in Berneo, pick up some event quests and…
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See how the Sphere has changed!

Hey there, player! You’ve been away for a while and the Sphere has changed! Why don’t you come back and take a look at the new things it has to offer? A new event has begun! During the "Summoners’ arena" you’ll have to defeat monsters and collect unique soul clots. These items will allow you…
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